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Dawlish United Hall of Fame

Welcome to the Dawlish United Football Club's Hall of Fame, a showcase of achievements within our football community. Here, we proudly spotlight remarkable accomplishments, from unforgettable victories on the pitch to individual accolades earned through dedication and hard work. This is where we celebrate the journey of our players, coaches, and teams, showcasing the milestones that shape our club's identity.

In addition, this space honors the standout performances and sportsmanship displayed by our players through our annual awards ceremony. From the 'Top Goal Scorers' and 'Players Player' to 'Most Improved'.


These awards acknowledge those who have demonstrated exceptional skill, unwavering commitment, and the embodiment of Dawlish United's core values.


The Hall of Fame is a testament to the dedication, unity, and passion that fuel our club's success, inspiring future generations to strive for greatness on and off the field.

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