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Policies & Documents

We believe in transparency, accountability, and the safety and well-being of every member of our football community. In this  section, you'll find a range of important resources, including our Equity Policy, Respect Code of Conduct, Safeguarding Children Policy, and more. These documents serve as a foundation for our club's operations, guiding our commitment to fair play, respect, and the best interests of our players, supporters, and volunteers.

We encourage everyone associated with Dawlish United to familiarise themselves with these policies, as they embody the values that define our club. By upholding these standards, we create an environment where everyone can enjoy the game in a safe, inclusive, and respectful manner.


Your dedication to understanding and implementing these policies helps us maintain the integrity of our club and ensures that Dawlish United remains a place of unity, growth, and positive experiences for all.

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